Coaching, Learning And Research in Jewish Education

Etzah offers unique, University-based guidance by providing dynamic, expert coaching to supplemental programs undergoing innovative change processes or piloting entrepreneurial models.

Transforming the more common approach of providing one specific programmatic model to  integrate into agency settings, Etzah’s approach is to develop customized solutions that are uniquely designed for each partner’s needs. Strategic plans are created based on comprehensive analysis of current situations, followed by programmatic assistance such as curriculum development, coalition building and/or professional development and training. Each partner organization is invited to direct the process when Etzah provides a menu of options, therefore allowing for the most appropriate and specially tailored path for continued efforts and growth.

Fees will be defined within a sliding scale.

Interested schools or programs are invited to contact us, to learn more.


The Graduate Center for Education at American Jewish University prepares educators to create and articulate a compelling vision for Jewish education and apply the knowledge, skills, creativity and leadership needed to bring that vision to life. Home to the Fingerhut School of Education and various continuing education initiatives for educators, it is a trans-denominational center for educational leadership training, Jewish learning, professional development and research.