Partners & Services


There is a hunger for change in the "religious school" sector. Many communities want to adopt new models, but they are not sure where to start of how to navigate the many possible directions they can take. Etzah is an initiative developed through the Graduate Center for Education to coach communities in imagining and implementing educational strategies that are best suited to their needs, goals, and resources.


Working across denominational lines, organizational models, and educational modalities, Etzah develops partnerships with schools, synagogues and others non-traditional learning settings interested in Jewish education that endeavor to develop alternative educational models and embed youth engagement programs with greater substance.


Etzah offers the community unique, University-based guidance through expert coaching and customized solutions to supplemental programs undergoing innovative change processes or piloting entrepreneurial models. Each organization is invited to direct the process when Etzah provides a menu of options, therefore allowing for the most appropriate and specially tailored path for continued organizational efforts.


Coaching relationships have included organizations such as Ikar, the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, Tzofim-Friends of Israel Scouts, Valley Outreach Synagogue, and the Westside Jewish Community Center.

Etzah is currently accepting new clients who want to revolutionize the Jewish education they provide. We'd love to hear from you.