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Explore the BJPA Readers Guide to Immersive and Experiential Education  

Included are resources about the field, service learning, environmental and outdoor education, long and short term Israel immersion, and camp education.

Principles of Deep Experiential Education: Framing by Jay W. Roberts
David Orr, in the forward to Teaching Sustainability: Perspectives from the Humanities and Social Sciences (2013) writes about what he calls "shallow versus deep environmental education." He noted that too much of what passes as environmental education is of the shallow kind and what we need more of is "deep" education for sustainability. Read more


Follow the ongoing conversation on about Experiential Jewish Education:

If experiential Jewish education can become an independent field, with uniform goals, uniform outcomes and uniform indicators, will it lose its enormous impact? Can we learn to work with pre-determined goals without losing the magic of personal self-exploration? 

Mapping Goals in Experiential Jewish Education by Shuki Taylor

"Formalizing the Informal" by Shuki Taylor: An introduction to four responses to the study “Mapping Goals in Experiential Jewish Education”:

Response #1: On Engagement, Setting and Pedagogy: Is Experiential Jewish Education Content Light? by Amy L. Sales

Response #2: Broadening the Mindset of Experiential Jewish Education (bold) by David Pelcovitz

Response #3: Establishing Measurable Competencies in Experiential Jewish Education by Carmen Ortiz Hendricks

Response #4: Three Proverbs and Experiential Jewish Education by David Bryfman

Read the full report, "Mapping Goals in Experiential Education": - final.pdf


Follow the series of articles on highlighting the scope of best practices in experiential Jewish education:

Article #1:  What Exactly Is Experiential Jewish Education? by Carolyn Gerecht

Article #2:  The Arts and Identity Formation: A Critical Tool of Experiential Jewish Education by Rabbi Zachary Truboff

Article #3:  Calculating a Nuanced ROI in Experiential Jewish Education by Samantha Star

Article #4:  Is Experiential Education Simply All Fun and Games? By Sara Smith

Article #5:  The Journey of the Four Children by Benji Berlow  

Article #6: Text at the Core of Experiential Jewish Education by Judith Schiller